Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why Home School: Values and Strengthen the Family Bond

There are many reason why someone chooses to home school their child or children. One of the main reasons often cited is that the parent hopes to instill their set of values in their children. As many homeschool families have deep religious faith (whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish or even Atheist); more people are becoming opposed to the secular humanistic curricula taught in the public school setting. Combine the core curricula with the impact of bullying, early sex education and exposure to negative peer pressure and it’s no wonder so many have risen to the challenge of educating their own children.

The home school environment equips the parent with the opportunity to pass their set of values and morals to their children in a manner that many believe is their constitutional and God-given right. Many homeschool families do not agree that big government should have more authority shaping and molding a child’s character than the child’s own parents. As Christians, we believe that children are given to us by God and that we have been entrusted with their future. That responsibility comes with accountability that we will one day stand before the Lord to answer to Him for how we raised our children. We do not believe that we have been entrusted with our children only to hand them over to a secular society that attempts in all manners to strip away the faith that we have instilled in them.

Homeschooling allows the family unit to bond and become strengthened. Many home schooling families enjoy a deep bond and closeness that was once common in American society that has been replaced by two parent working households. In an age when computers, cell phones, text messages and computer games monopolize the next generation’s time and attention, home schooling appears as a novelty where as it allows the family unit to strengthen their bond.

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