Thursday, July 5, 2012

Get a free eBook from Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega or AOP is one of the most popular publishers of Christian faith-based homeschool curriculum. Those who sign up for Alpha Omega’s daily homeschooling devotionals Daily Focus, their monthly newsletter Homeschool View and announcements for the latest deals from Alpha Omega AOP NetAlert. The free eBook is titled How to Speak Your Homeschooler’s Love Language and you can receive it after checking off the publications you are interested in and entering your email address in the form.

After you sign up for the publications, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to sign up for your free eBook. Alpha Omega will give you some additional offers as well. The eBook is approximately 10-pages long and is a nice, easy read that encourages homeschooling parents to communicate with their children in an effective manner. The primary focus on speaking to children and teens in their “Love Language” is by using words and actions that truly express your love in a way a child understands.

This is a great book that is full of ways parents can reaffirm to their child that they homeschool out of love. There is a mini-test that helps parents identify their child’s love language. The five categories of love language include words of affirmation, gift giving, quality time, acts of service, physical touch.

You can click the link below to access the site, then look to the right of the page where it states "Subscribe to Emails!" Once you click the link, you will see a pop-up where you may sign up for your free eBook download.

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