Sunday, August 19, 2012

Homeschooled-Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas' mother talks 'Raising an Olympian'

Gabby Douglas,the homeschooled-Olympic gold medalist, amazed in London 2012 where she won the all-around Olympic gold medal. Her achievement is a boon to black athletes nationwide. Her story inspires and at the same time amazes. You see, Gabby Douglas was a young child with a vision for her future. So much so, that she knew what she wanted, who she wanted for a trainer, and was willing to move away from home at the age of 14 to make her dream a reality.

As you will hear in the following interview, that decision wasn't as easy for her mother, Natalie Hawkins to make.

Traveling from Virginia to Des Moines, Iowa,to train with renowned gymnast coach Liang Chow, Douglas moved in with a host family and began homeschooling. The educational freedom gave her the time needed to devote attention to her gymnastic training.

Check out the videos below to hear the sacrifices that were made in order for Gabby Douglas to achieve her Olympic dreams by the tender age of 16-years-old.

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