Friday, October 26, 2012

Tips for lisping

I've found some excellent books to help with lisping and I've included some book previews.
The following playlist focuses on lisping, but introduces a device called "Speech Buddy." Check it out!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

19th Century Schoolbooks

I'm not sure if you are aware of this site, but for those interested in free, classical text and schoolbooks, the Digital Libray at the University of Pittsburgh has a vast collection. You may check it out here: 19th Century Schoolbooks

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Romney and Ryan in favor of homeschooling (video)

There’s no doubt that during times of an election, one of the first things to cross homeschooling parents’ minds is whether those running for office view homeschooling favorably or negatively. There is good news for those who support Romney and Ryan for the 2012 elections, as Paul Ryan recently stated during an election-campaign speech that both he and Romney view homeschooling in a positive light. Though President Obama may not attempt to make homeschooling illegal during the next four years, should he be reelected, he most certainly puts policies in place that are viewed as a danger to homeschooling and the First Amendment right parents are given to raise up their children and not hand the task over to big government.

 During a campaign speech, Paul Ryan was asked, “What is your position on homeschooling and will it continue?”

 Ryan answered, “Absolutely, we have friends who do a lot of homeschooling. In Wisconsin, it is very well known, very well used. You know what, we believe in freedom. And if you believe the best way to raise your children is to homeschool your children, then God bless you, and in a free society you ought to be able to do just that. Absolutely. So yes.

 “Look, we don’t want to sit in Washington and micromanage your schools. We don’t believe all the best ideas lay in Washington where bureaucrats micromanage. We believe in choice; we believe in competition; we believe in giving parents control over their children’s education. Whether that’s getting the kid stuck in an inner city school out of a failing school and into a better school, or whether it gives you the ability and right to take over and control your child’s education by educating her yourself, that’s the kind of freedom we want you to have and preserve in this country.”

Ryan and Romney are both pro-life, though Romney does allow for abortions in cases of rape, incest or when the life of mother or child is in jeopardy. Ryan holds a stricter view and rejects abortion in any case.

 Homeschooling families should pay careful attention to the candidates’ platforms and ensure they have taken the time to research where a candidate stands on issues that affect homeschooling parents’ freedom. Most homeschooling families find issues such as homeschooling in general, abortion, early education (such as Head Start programs) and mandatory immunizations of extreme importance to their lifestyles and their freedom to choose to raise their children according to how they feel best, as well as in a manner that fits with their religious or spiritual beliefs.

Many homeschooling families automatically take issue with a “big government is better government” approach.

You may view Ryan’s comments in the video below.


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