Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gorillas: Lesson plans, printables and videos

Here is a collection of resources for those studying gorillas. Lesson plans, printables, videos and photos are an excellent way to add the resources you need to complete your own unit studies, lessons or to supplement other materials you are using.

There are online and printable materials, gorilla fact sheets and resources that explore gorilla habitats, physical characteristics, behavior, diet, reproduction, longevity, conservation and research.

Also included below are a number of videos featuring gorillas. Videos are an excellent way to let children explore a subject in visual form. Also, check with your local television listings as programs on gorillas are frequently played.

Click for Photos: Slideshow Gorillas in our Midst

Sea World Guide to Gorillas

A&E TV: Gorillas (vocabulary words, activities, books)Eastern Lowland Gorilla Habitats: World Wildlife
Preschool lesson plans: Gorillas (First School)
World Animal Foundation: Gorilla Fact Sheet (pdf)
Story Place: Gorillas (pdf)
Coloring book: Friends of Bonobos (PDF)
Coloring picture: Gorilla (PDF)
All About Gorillas (Enchanted Learning)
PBS Teachers (Browse through these lesson plans as needed. Those teaching creationism should be on guard for evolutionary materials and themes)
Mountain Gorillas (National Geographic)
Scholastic: Miza
Scholasitc: Miza gorilla lesson plans, printables and activities

Finish Drawing the Gorilla

Great Apes and other Primates: Fact Sheets
Animal Diversity Web: Gorillas
Primate Info: Gorilla
Meet Western Lowland Gorillas at Smithsonian National Zoo

Gorilla Habitats Videos

 Gorillas... 98.6% Human

  Lesson plan: Gorillas...98.6% Human Mountain Gorilla (Kingdom in the Clouds)

  BBC Natural World- Titus The Gorilla King [HD]

  Gorillas in the Mist Full Movie

  Gorillas With David Attenborough (BBC)

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