Saturday, January 4, 2014

Live Eagle Web Cam: Free coloring books to compliment unit studies

I love to give my kids coloring books and they use a lot of books in the home, online, and those that I print. There are plenty of free coloring books online for a wide array of subjects, and coloring books and pages make a good accompaniment to any unit study or lesson plan. Right now, my kids are watching the live eagle cam from Southwest Florida featuring Ozzie, Harriet, and the eaglets, and we're doing more studies on eagles.

Watch Live Streaming Video: Eagle Cam

I found some great free coloring books that are ready for printing (if you don't have a printer, you can send
them direct to Fed Ex and even have them mailed to your home). Most Adobe PDF programs have an option to share it to Fed Ex straight from your computer too.

Most of these eagle coloring books are shared through government websites.

Free Eagle Coloring Books for Downloading and Printing

Bald Eagle Awareness Week

Arkansas Birds Coloring Book

Florida's Animated Alphabet

Biodiversity Coloring Book

Through the Eyes of the Eagle

Endangered Species Coloring Book

National Wildlife Refuge System

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