Sunday, March 9, 2014

Homeschool Deals: Beginning Modern Cursive (free preview)

Are you interested in teaching your child cursive handwriting? Some say it's a dying art-form and currently there are public debates nationwide as to the importance of teaching cursive. While some are choosing not to incorporate cursive into their curriculum, others feel that it is still a valid handwriting method. Others hold to the belief that children should know how to read cursive writing and as long as it is in use, it should be taught.

One of the best ways to teach cursive handwriting is simply by doing it. Carson-Dellosa publishing has a great offer on the Beginning Modern Cursive E-Book, which is a great way to ensure you can easily teach cursive when your students are ready. Beginning Modern Cursive is a 39 page, eBook that is suitable for grades 1-3 (or may be used by older children if needed) and also provides children the opportunity to practice connecting cursive letters.

You may view a digital preview of the entire book here: Carson-Delosa Beginning Modern Cursive

Beginning Modern Cursive: Carson-Delosa

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