Sunday, March 9, 2014

Homeschool Deals: Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills Kindergarten (PDF, free preview)

Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills K
There are many ways to homeschool and for those who like to focus primarily on methods such as child-led learning or unit studies, might find that the comprehensive curriculum are a great choice. These books are often used as review, remedial work, or as supplements for other curriculum.

They are also a great choice for homeschooling families who focus on unit studies or hands on activities but want to ensure their child remains on target with their state's standards.

Click the link to check out a preview of the Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills Kindergarten. The book is 544 pages and is geared for children ages 5 and 6. Topics include reading, writing, math, phonics and language arts.

Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills: Kindergarten (PDF)

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