Friday, August 7, 2015

Ancient Egypt project: Mummify Barbie

I saw this awesome post come through a group that I'm subscribed to on Facebook. It is a fantastic activity for those who are studying Ancient Egypt or mummies. It might be a little intense for some younger kids, so make sure your children are really...really...interested in the mummification process and can handle the project!

The activity comes from the Kids Activity Blog, and was a project designed for her daughter Izzy.

This is by far the best hands-on-mummification project that I've seen and it's perfect for a little girl. You could substitute a G.I. Joe or what not if a boy wants to make a mummy out of one of his toys. This could be worked into a Halloween theme as well!

She has clearly written out every step of the process along with fantastic photos...such as this one for the "supplies list."

Photo credit: Kids Activity Blog

If your kids are interested in mummification, do not miss this activity.

Here are some free coloring sheets and other ideas that you could incorporate with your lessons and learning fun!

Mummies: Secret's of the Pharoah's Educator's Guide (PDF)

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