Sunday, August 30, 2015

History of the World

The beginning of all education must start with an honest and authoritative look at the history of the world. It is from this origin that all education flows. When I use the term "history of the world," I am not referring to "world history" as one may think of when discussing a high school course. Rather, I am referring to the best archaeological records that give modern day humans their reference point for understanding their place in their world. The history of the world is the story of the human being and the journey from Africa to modern civilization.

 A thorough education must include prehistory and evolution as this is the journey that human kind has taken that has resulted in this marrying of technology and
knowledge that defines the modern world we see, live in and experience.While history may begin with the advent of the written word and subsequently recorded details, archaeology reveals a vast wealth of information that reveals the history of the world in ways man never could have written down or accessed.

The History Channel has produced a documentary: History of the World in 2 Hours. It provides a quick, "rapid-fire" look at history from the Big Bang to world population reaching 7 billion.

Topics briefly discussed in the video include the following:

  • Big Bang
  • Formation of Stars
  • Extinction of Dinosaurs
  • Early Humans Walk on Two Feet
  • Stone Age: Humans Begin to use Stone Tools
  • Humans Use Fire
  • Humans Migrate to Europe
  • Humans Plant Seeds (Beginning of Agricultural Revolution)
  • Humans Domesticate Animals 
  • First Cities Emerge
  • Humans form Armies and Governments
  • Humans Trade Goods and Form Networks
  • Humans Cross the Bering Land Bridge
  • Empires Emerge
  • Monotheism Spreads
  • Humans Develop Guns and Gunpowder
  • Age of Exploration
  • Columbus Explores the New World
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Combustion Engines and Electricity are Discovered and Developed
  • Mass Production of Automobiles
  • Modern Warfare Develops
  • World Population Reaches 7 Billion

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