Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Opening my eyes to technology

Though I'm a freelance writer, this is more of a free-writing post, so please ignore any grammatical errors...I'm not even spell-checking or proofing this...just writing and getting my thoughts down here...

I think one of the neatest...or most interesting aspects of life is technology. Technology is always changing, always advancing, and continually reinvents society..I mean..every aspect of society...

From the stone age until today, no one really can predict what new technology is on the horizon or how it will completely revolutionize our "way of life." I mean, in reality, there really is no "way of life..." we may think there is, and even become complacent in what we view as our "modern way of living" but it is constantly evolving, constantly changing...

Just like the first quarks from the big bang to 2015, everything is continually moving, expanding, growing and changing...

We are born and grow up believing in the "American dream" and half the time we spend our life chasing something that is actually changing, and the world around us is changing and if we aren't open to these changes, we're left behind clueless...

When I was growing up, payphones were everywhere, you always knew where a payphone was...and I imagine someone..somewhere...working on their "American dream" thought..hey...I'll go into the payphone business...I'll own a bunch of payphones...and make a great living...I'll support my
Photo Credit: NASA
kids...and have the "dream"...yeah..that's it....payphones...

Or I'll go into a franchise....I'll own a record store...I'll invest everything I have into owning this Sam Goodys record store...what a great secure business that is...

Or I'll own a there's the money..there's the dream..there's my financial security...

But in is continually advancing, changing and reshaping our lives...sometimes slowly...sometimes abruptly...and you never really know what is coming around the never know if something new is going to hit us that is actually going to make your "Success" story redundant and yesterday's history...

And it's always been this way...with every advancement, every move of progress...every invention...every "new great thing" gets replaced by another "newer greater thing" and if there is anything constant in the history of the universe is that it is always changing...always shifting states...

And this really extends to absolutely everything...I mean..think of education... education standards "should be" continually changing because the world is continually changing..I mean...who the hell wants to go back to an "old fashioned education" when an old fashioned education is 100% redundant in this new world...

Information that was taught in the 60s is replaced by what is being discovered today...and 50 years from will be new, different, and an entirely different set of knowledge, rules, standards and wisdom...and if the earth is still here 1,000 years from now, is anyone really going to be impressed by the "wisdom" of today? I imagine not...

I saw a post going around about a young girl who had an IQ higher or the equivalent of Einstein's. To me, this is a moot point.

Einstein is not here today, in this modern world. He is not or was not exposed to the parameters or the framework of the knowledge we have today (much of which he's credited with sparking). But if he were here today, if Tesla were here today, and were soaked in this environment of technological breakthroughs and advancements, and part of the collective community of minds that are here right now...who is to say what their IQs would be? Wouldn't just being in a different generation with different technology change the game? How can you compare the IQ of one person from this generation to that of another? That's like comparing the IQ of the wisest neanderthal (I'm not calling Einstein a neanderthal, lol) to the wisest mind today. I just don't think you can compare intelligence because there are so many different factors at play, and I certainly think that Einstein, Tesla and every other "great mind" that graced this planet would be shaped differently in a different era.

So, back to my original point. I love technology. I absolutely love it.

Technology is what runs the universe and what always has. We have no idea what started the big bang..why it went bang...if someone made it bang..what released the four forces of physics..where they came from..why gravity and the strong force, the weak force and electromagnetism were in the universe in the first place. We have no idea why these forces took hold of quarks and pulled them together, shifting them into atoms and subsequently elements...forming and shaping planets, the universe, and finally our own planet earth...but it's's's physics...and it's change.

It's awesome and amazing and it's to me, more of an "American dream" than buying a home, a car getting a good college career...

Just knowing that you are part of this incredible existence, that there are forces older than the universe that have constructed your body and keep it together...and knowing that one day, it will end, that your body will convert into another form of me..that is just the most amazing aspect of life...

Not getting my eye fixed on a goal and setting myself after it...but realizing that there is no goal other than life and existence and being open to whatever changes come. To realize that life is more than materialistic goals and dreams, but that the truth of all religious beliefs is that the greatest thing to chase on earth is love.

You can trust in money, you can trust in your car, you can trust in your career, you can trust in your education; but at any moment, forces beyond your control can sweep in and turn your life upside down.

An advancement can come around the corner, a technological breakthrough that will render everything in your life redundant.

Does that mean your life is redundant? 

Does change mean your life is meaningless and nonexistent?


It means that change changes things.

Change has always changed things. It reshapes, reforms, and makes things different.

 But as long as you are here, you have life and you are part of the game.

 I do not trust in things.

I trust in life. I trust that life is always changing.

And to me, that is God.

God is the one that brings new things out of change.

Some people's view of God is that it is a supreme being constantly controlling things; however, I don't see examples of a controlled, static being, but something that is continually changing.

And change is the only constant thing about life I have ever experienced.

Even our own bodies are continually changing. Every second, every cell renewal, from the moment of conception to the grave..and even beyond the grave...these forces will cause your body to decompose..long after your life force is gone...

It's really amazing...

We are all part of a system of forces that we can't control...of change that we do not originate, stop or start...

Life is technology that we just sort of "jump in on" and join...It is passed down from one parent to an offspring and no one determines when it happens.

It's either transmitted or it's not...

No one has the "breath of life" that they can control and give to others.

Conception takes place and it one knows the original source of this mysterious technology....there are countless myths and religions that try to define it...but it is scientific, and mysterious, and amazing and incredible...

Sometimes I look at life and am really just so awed and amazed by it...then I see the world and how not everyone else is excited about life as I am.

Something that really infuriates me, is that religious fanatics are so "sure" of their after life, that they are willing to murder people during this lifetime for their "eternal rewards."

Imagine if there was no God...imagine if there was no afterlife...imagine if there was no heaven or hell...(cue John Lennon now...)...

But seriously, imagine if this is all you have. Imagine if this life is all the life you will ever have.

Imagine if when a child is murdered that's it. Imagine there is no heaven where they go. Imagine that it is just over. That there life is just snuffed out and that's it.

Does that make you feel MORE OUTRAGED at violence? Do you feel an even greater sense of injustice because you are not comforting yourself with stories about the after life?

Imagine if there is no God rewarding Muslim extremists with countless virgins for slaughtering "infidels."

How would an extremist really and truly feel about his or her actions if they found out that there was no God...and the actions they committed were fully on them!

People have a million reasons to blame others for the things they do, but the simple truth is that people do the things they do.

People do things because they do things...if someone slaps you..there is no other reason then they slapped you because they slapped you.

I'm so tired of people giving (or making up) reasons and excuses for the things they do. Let's just look at life for what it is and our actions for what they truly are.

Sometimes, people get so caught up in prayer that they no longer know how to do anything in reality that is a tangible force of good.

Maybe they think that the best thing they can do for someone is pray for them. Well, just imagine for a moment there is no one listening to your prayer or answering it...

Would you still think that prayer is the best thing you can do?

How about starving children? Is prayer the best thing to do if no one is out there listening?

If you didn't believe in an afterlife, where these starving children could finally live happily ever after..and if you didn't believe that your prayers were going to magically make manna fall from heaven to feed these children...would you do something different?

I hate to say it, but since I stopped believing in the form of Christianity that I was spoon fed on until I nearly choked to death, my attitude towards others is completely and radically different. Now, I want to do more, to help more, to be more active..more pro active... Isn't that strange? You would think that being a "Christian" would make me more compassionate, but I learned more compassion getting away from "God" and the belief that all these hurting, innocent people will some day find peace and happiness; by saying..well if that never happens, we better do something now to solve the problem.

In fact, to me, the idea of praying for a starving person, and not actively doing something to help, solve or change the problem...if there is no magical God actually cruel.

Life is such a gift. It is a miracle. A blessing. An incredible occurrence of forces, particles and principles we may never understand.

 I open my eyes everyday and am in awe that I'm alive.

 I won't let anything every blind me again.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Free book and activities: Labor Day for Children

If you're looking for a book to help explain the origins of Labor Day to your children, you may want to check out this freebie from Amazon. "Labor Day for Children" is free on Kindle for both regular customers and Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Keep in mind you don't have to actually own a Kindle to read these books. You can download them to your Kindle app, or make use of the free reading browser provided by Amazon.

Labor Day Free Kindle Book

 The book is 21 pages long and gives a nice breakdown about the holiday.

There are also some great, free activities online that you can download, print or create to help kids further comprehend the meaning and historical significance behind Labor Day.

Click the link to visit Amazon's page and download your free book.

Labor Day Free Activities For Kids

Labor Day Crafts, Activitiesand Worksheets - Enchanted Learning...Labor Day Crafts for kids. Kindergarten, preschool, and elementary school crafts. Make wonderful, simple crafts with things found around the house.

Labor Day activities - craftsfor kids, word searches, stories ...A collection of activities for Labor Day - coloring pages, crafts for kids, word searches, Labor Day recommending reading - kids books

Education World: Labor Day andU.S. Labor HistoryIf you're looking for a variety of Labor Day activities geared toward kids, this is the place.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Four States of Matter videos and lesson plan

While many younger children learn about the three states of matter, there are actually four. Well, in extreme and rare situations, there are more, but we're focusing on four, not three. We are focusing on astrophysics and the Big Bang, and are including plasma in our lessons on matter.

This video was found on YouTube and has an accompanying teacher's guide provided through Discovery Education. It focuses on the four states of matter: liquid, gas, plasma and solid and discusses Einstein's theory of how matter and energy are convertible.

Check out the video below as well as the free lesson plan. You may download the lesson plan here.

"Four Fundamental States of Matter" by Spirit469 - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -

Exploring Space: The Vast Reaches of Space (video, lesson plan)

The website: School Tube has uploaded and shared the video: Exploring Space: The Universe: The Vast Reaches of Space. The video is from Discovery Education and includes a free teachers guide, lesson plan that you can easily accommodate for multiple learning levels and styles.

The video and subsequent lesson help
children understand what galaxies are, and more specifically, our Milky Way galaxy, and helps them grasp a greater comprehension of time and space, as well as the meaning of a light year.

Other topics taught include black holes, dark matter, the life cycles of stars (supernovas), and the Doppler Effect.

School Tube includes an embed, so you can watch the video below. Click the link to download your free copy of the lesson plan from Discovery Education.