Sunday, August 14, 2016

Free Florida Invasive Plant Resources, Curriculum and More

Florida residents may want to check out the free invasive plant resources, curriculum and multimedia materials provided through the University of Florida. Children love to explore their surroundings and Florida is rich in plant life. Not all of the plants that flourish in Florida are native or helpful to the environment. Knowing which plants are productive to the environment and which cause harm is not a lesson solely for botanists.

Resources on the site are plentiful and every teacher or homeschooling parent is certain to find something they can use.

You can check out the resources here.

The following is just a small sample of the resources available on the site.
Protect Your Waters: Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers A website educating the public about the spread of harmful plants, animals and other organisms
Solutions for Your Life Brings you current, science-based answers–free
University of Florida Herbarium Focuses in plant collections, acquisition and care, research based on the collections, education and public service

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