Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Best Homeschool Freebies for Fall

Sept. 22 is the first day of fall, and we've found some of the best homeschool freebies to usher in the new season. Fall is a wonderful time of year. We celebrate the autumnal equinox and welcome harvest time. We associate fall with things like acorns and apples, as trees give up their fruit. We also harvest pumpkins which are commonly associated with Halloween and Thanksgiving. The colors brown and orange permeate decorations as we reflect upon the changing leaves. Fall brings a cool, crisp breeze to the air and temperatures lower. There are many wonderful learning experiences that take place during fall.

Fall is a great time for homeschool lessons in art, science, writing and poetry. It's important to note there is a huge difference between the way secular homeschool families and some Christian homeschool families approach fall. Halloween is a holiday that is practiced by some, but not all religious people. Symbols associated with fall, such as pumpkins and leaves are often embraced by those who choose not to celebrate Halloween. Instead of decorating with ghosts, monsters and witches, some choose to use pumpkins, leaves and cornucopias as their main holiday and seasonal decor.

Here are some wonderful freebies you can use with your homeschool classes.

Autumn Notebooking Pages

Christian Fall Decorations

Christian Decorations for Young Children 

Autumn Leaves Mini Science Project

September Activity Calendar

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