Sunday, September 25, 2016

Internet4Classrooms Saves Time in the Classroom

Internet4Classrooms might be designed for public school teachers managing classrooms devoted to Common Core, but that doesn't mean it isn't useful. If you're researching a subject and want links to applicable websites that offer educational value to your lesson, you might want to check out Internet4Classrooms. Again, the site is geared towards Common Core, but will save you time whether you are a straight homeschooler, making a unit study, creating a web quest or just looking for additional teaching material.

The site is fun and easy to navigate, provides a lot of information and even has information that will have you finding ideas for monthly, weekly and daily activities.

Kids today are on computers anyway. In my house, computers, tablets and Smart TVs are the norm. My kids learn in an interactive, online environment anyway. Why not take advantage of all the online, educational resources out there? If you're new to computers or the world wide web and feel overwhelmed trying to navigate the path to high-quality websites that provide educational content of value, check out Internet4Classrooms!

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